We are an uncle, siblings, and a spouse coming together to share our love of fresh healthy food with new takes on traditional ideas with a modern twist. This might not be your grandma’s BBQ but we can bet you’ll love it just the same.


Hailing from very different backgrounds in the culinary industry, web design and development, and sales and promotions. The owners of Seoul Man Food Truck are able to come together and complement each other to form a core management team. While surrounding themselves with team members that not only excel but also offer the highest level of customer service available. Thereby allowing out customers to have the best experience possible.


The Seoul Man Food Truck experience is focused on health, fresh local ingredients, and molding traditional Korean BBQ and rich Southern flavors together to make something greater than the sum of their parts.
Brought to you by a courteous service team that loves sharing the culinary experience with others as much as they enjoy eating it themselves.