We are an uncle, siblings, and a spouse coming together to share our love of fresh healthy food with new takes on traditional ideas with a modern twist. This might not be your grandma’s BBQ but we can bet you’ll love it just the same.



Chef of the Month

Chef Camacho’s experience in the food service industry started at an early age. At just 14 years old he started as a line cook in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through high school, he managed the local country club restaurant allowing him to learn management skills at an early age.

Once he achieved “legal age” there was a switch from the “back of the house ” side of the restaurant business to the “front of the house ” side when he achieved his Mixologist license in 1997 and got his start bartending in concert venues all over San Francisco. Coupling his new found love for bartending with his skills in management that he learned at a young age he quickly moved up in the food and beverage industry and quickly became the bar manager for a national restaurant chain for the entire San Francisco Bay Area. While finding time to be a bar consultant in his free time.

After moving to Las Vegas, he helped to open his first restaurant, all while working as the head line cook and sous chef and then eventually becoming the restaurant manager.

Chef Camacho’s bar management skills were quickly turned into requests to develop, create the menu, hire staff, manage construction and implement systems to allow for the successful launch of not one but four restaurants and two successful nightclubs over the years.

26 years later. Chef Camacho has now turned the focus on his family's health, passion for fresh local ingredients, and molding with traditional Korean BBQ and rich Southern flavors. He’s taken the skills he has learned through the years working in and managing large restaurants and nightclubs and taking those concepts and scaled them down to be Seoul Man Food Truck.

Warm Words


  • “The bacon Psy fries were outta this world!”
  • “Chef Camacho's recipes are well thought out.
    The sauces are sweet, savory, and just the right amount of spice.
    Favorite dish: Duroc it don't stop it seared pork belly bowl. "

  • “We had the pleasure of hiring the Seoul Man Food Truck for our corporate lunch-in and their
    service and quality were seamless, and the food was off the chart!”
    Favorite Dish: Gagnam flat iron steak bowl.